Laravel Framework Development, an open source framework of PHP that follow MVC(model,view,controller) structure. Laravel is most favorite framework of web app developer because of laravel provides verity of features like blade engine for template, packages and bundles, migration for database schema,composer,artisan cli, routes, etc.

Because of exponential rise in the usage of Laravel framework. it has become most popular PHP framework and show the authoritative superiority over other PHP frameworks.


Why we use Laravel?

Because of the benefits it has to offer, as i mention above that the benefits its has offer are enormous! let me show some benefits here to help you to understand the real potential of Advance Web Development with Laravel.


Template Engine:
Laravel provide blade template engine and it is fast and very dynamic for manage data front-end side.
laravel blade also give you the ability to make layouts of your page can use conditions, loops, and other thing in blade template. the another benefit is using laravel blade template you can also use your core PHP logic and code inside blade template.


Built-in Tools and Functionalities:
Laravel provide best tools and functionalities to develop Web-App faster easier and more secure.every framework provide built-in tool butLaravel have something it is, Laravel come with built-in authentication service
it very secure and easy to setup. you just need to run command ‘php artisan make:auth’ and than run migration command ‘php artisan migrate’ your authentication model is done.laravel also provide route system so you can easily setup your URL for project.laravel provide other features like catching,eloquent,query builder,collections which make it that much easier for development.


MVC Architecture for Code Organization:
Laravel framework uses MVC architecture pattern that separates and handle specific development aspects of any application built.This methodology increases performance and also enables the Laravel developer to write clean and legible codes, which help in batter documentation.


In Laravel framework the developer need to interact using a command line that handle the Laravel project environment.
one of built-in tool ofLaravel called Artisan which allows developer to perform a lengthy programming task in a minute by also used to make class and models for application that manage good code structure and also use for manage database schema.


Pros :

– It used a blade template engine to speed up compiling task, and user can include latest features so easily.
– ‘Bundled Modularity’ enables code reusing without hassles.
– Best in class ORM which is easy to understand and maintainable.
– Best CLI command line tool for do advance task and migration.
– Security provided by csrf(Cross-Site Request Forgery) token inbuilt.