The upcoming iPhone X will use Face ID, technology that unlocks your iPhone X by using infrared and visible light scans to uniquely identify your face. It will work in a variety of conditions and is extremely secure. Though no one outside Apple has yet been able to confirm how well it works.

What is Face ID?

Face ID a form of biometric authentication rather than a password or a security authentication.

Face ID — which uses a 3D scan of the user’s face for authenticating and unlocking their device. It also replaces Touch ID for Apple Pay too.

Face ID is made up of four components including an infrared camera, a flood illuminator, a dot projector, and the front camera. The combination of sensors generates a 3D map of the face that it compares to the mathematical models of the stored face, utilizing the new A11 Bionic neural engine.

The system will work in the dark by illuminating your face, and it will adapt to your changing face over time – meaning, you can grow a beard and it won’t get confused

Apple also said that wearing a hat, glasses or new hairstyle will not fool Face ID, nor can it be spoofed by a photograph.

How does Face ID work?

Apple uses a combination of infrared emitter and sensor to paint 30,000 points of infrared light on and around your face. The reflection is measured, which allows it to calculate depth and angle from the camera for each dot. That lets it both create a kind of 3D fingerprint of your face that can used to compare against later, and use the same system for live tracking for Animoji, the talking animals heads  that match your facial expressions and lip movement, and other selfie special effects.

Face, the future– iPhone X Face ID replacing Touch ID

Goodbye fingers, hello faces. With the introduction of Face ID, and the removal of the Touch ID button, Apple confirmed speculation about its next generation of on-device authentication.

iPhone 5s introduces Touch ID

Similar to the new Face ID of iPhone X, Touch ID was first introduced on iPhone 5s.

Four years after introducing Touch ID to radically enhance iOS users’ privacy and security, Apple is doing exactly what Steve Jobs would do — phasing it out and moving on to something even better: Face ID technology in iPhone X.

Apple’s Face ID will support only one registered face per iPhone.

For now, an iPhone X will recognize only a single face. That could change in the future. But you can no longer give a partner or other person access to your phone through a biometric means. If you want to give your loved one access, you’ll need to smile for the camera, or you’ll need to share a password with them.

Face ID will work with Apple Pay, third-party apps

You will now be able to buy goods using your new iPhone X, authenticating your identity with facial recognition.

Face ID will unlock your iPhone and get you into your protected apps – like your financial apps, such as a bank’s app or Mint, for example – just by looking at your iPhone.