Hire Magento Developer

MagentoWhile working with e-commerce websites, the knowledge of Magento platform is necessary. It is crucial for a company to hire an expert in managing the Magento platform to develop a functional e-commerce website. If you are looking to create or develop your ecommerce website, you need to hire a proficient Magento developer to help you out with extension management and PHP development.

At AppAspect, our goal is to connect you to the best Magento developers to facilitate the development of an intuitive and functional e-commerce website. When searching for a qualified Magento developer, you must look for the following qualities in the person.

  1. Knowledge of Git-Based Source Control

The person should be an expert in working with git-based control system to design the workflow environment of your website in a systematic and efficient manner. With this knowledge, a Magento developer can ensure that your website works smoothly even under a large amount of traffic and server load.

A knowledge of git-based control system also allows the developer to create a neat script that is ready for modification and updates in the future.

  1. Solution-Oriented Thinking

It is crucial for a Magento developer to adopt a solution-oriented thinking to solve the daily problems associated with the development of an e-commerce platform. The developer needs to think from the customer’s point of view and comfort level to design and develop a successful e-commerce platform. He/she should also have a good knowledge of the best traits of famous e-commerce platforms to think in a solution-oriented manner.

  1. Managing Magento Extensions

Magento development revolves around managing several extensions and plugins. While most of the developers claim to know plugin development, they can only install and configure a plugin. While selecting your team for Magento development, you need to ensure that the individuals have a good understanding of plugin development. The developer needs to customize and manage extensions to add the necessary functionality to the platform.

  1. Optimized e-Commerce Data Organization

Management and organization of user data such as account details wish list and order tracking form an important part of Magneto development. You can contact AppAspect helpline to make sure that you hire individuals with good knowledge of cyber security, encryption, and optimized data storage.

  1. Perform Automated Testing

When working with sensitive user information such as login credentials, you need to add an extra layer of protection to secure user data. At AppAspect we aim to connect you with professionals with a sound knowledge of performing automated testing. These individuals are well-versed in different aspects of agile testing to perform an automated testing using complex algorithms.

Get in touch with the customer executives at AppAspect, to hire the best Magento developers around the world.