iOS formerly known as iPhone OS is a world’s advanced operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. which is mainly serving best with it’s hardware. iOS is the operating system powers mainly iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Apple is releasing major version of iOS annually and iOS 11 is finally going to launch officially on September 12.

This event will be the biggest event till date since iPhone launch and along with the launch of iOS Apple is going to announce world’s best performing smartphone that is iPhone 8. Since inception they are making lots of improvements in the hardware but software is the essential part and iOS 11 will make it the most powerful mobile OS and iPhone 8 will be the best ever mobile device in the world today.

iOS 11 is going to provide following major benefits to Apple:
– It will give Apple the largest AR platform in the world. This is going to unlock all the ability of Augmented Reality in today’s world.
– Drag and Drop functionality comes to iPad along with the launch of new iOS.
– It will put Apple pencil to the test which will allow to edit PDFs, and design work more precisely.
– Apple is strict with their file system but after this launch it is providing new Files sharing app to the iPhone users with iCloud Drive, Box, Google Drive and Dropbox.
– iMessage is going to more advanced and won’t take up your storage anymore.
– Now easy payment to your friends with Apple Payment.
– Complete new look for App Store.
– Siri is going to become more smarter with more sound options for iOS 11.
– Apple is combining lock screen and navigation centre to one place now.
– No more distraction while driving due to new OS.
– Apple takes one more step ahead then others.

Get ready for official release of iOS 11 on the Apple Special Event Day in September 12 at 10am PDT. Add the event date to your calendar and subscribe now. And for the live streaming of this event one need Safari browser with Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology.