How to use Promo Code to buy free issues or free subscriptions through iTunes Connect for iOS Apps?

Promo Code to buy free subscriptions through iTunes Connect

The excitement is clear now that your iOS magazine app is online! What comes next? presenting your work to your loyal audience and taking into consideration some attractive incentives. It’s a great strategy! And what’s this? Promo codes are the ideal equipment for the job, according to iTunes Connect. Let’s look at several ways you can use them well:

iTunes Connect:

The way promotional codes work on Apple devices is intended to provide users a free trial subscription or free access to a particular issue. These vouchers are globally needed, redeemed in all App Store regions, and have a wide four-week validity period after being generated.

When it comes to in-app purchase coupons, people can download your app and redeem the code against specific in-app purchase products. It’s amazing that you may use these codes even before your application is made available on the app Store. Offering up to 100 promotional codes for each individual in-app purchase item is quite amazing. A total of 1,000 in-app purchase codes are allowed per app every six months is even better.It’s crucial to remember that these promo codes have a 28-day expiration date after being issued and should be used for non-commercial use only.

It’s critical that an app version’s status be set to “Ready for Sale” if you want to buy promo codes for it. Similar rules apply to in-app purchases, where the state of purchase must be marked as “Approved.” The associated option will not be shown or available if these requirements are not fulfilled.

The procedure for requesting Promo Codes is described here in detail:

  1. From the homepage, select “My Apps” to get started. By doing so, the “App Information” part of the App Store page will open up.

  2. Find “Features” in the toolbar and select it. The phrase “Promo Codes” is located in the left column. When you click on it, you’ll be taken to the Promo Code page where the “Generate” option is already chosen and available for use.

  3. Select the required number of promo codes next to the device and version of the app. Select the total number of promo codes required for the app version in the “App Promo Codes” box. In the same way, specify the number of codes needed for in-app purchases in the “In-App Purchase Promo Codes” area.

  4. Go to the top right corner and tap “Generate Code.”

  5. Understand and agree to the conditions of the agreement with Apple allowing the distribution of free app versions or in-app purchases. the next step is to click “Generate Code.”

  6. You can either copy the codes from the dialogue that appears or select to download a text file with the codes by clicking “text file.”

  7. Press Done

Once the codes have been properly downloaded, it’s necessary to inform your audience by sending emails or via any other selected form of contact. Follow these steps to make it possible for your readers to use the codes:

  1. On your iOS device, launch the App Store and proceed to the home page. The “Redeem” button can be located at the bottom of the page if you browse all the way down.

  2. Following that, input your Promo Code into the appropriate field as shown below:

  3. If your audience has received the code by email, they have two options for entering it: manually typing it in or simply copying it.

  4. The app will then immediately give users access to the authorised in-app purchase or issue. Additionally, you could be prompted to enter your iTunes password. Upon successful validation of the promo code, a confirmation window will appear:

  5. The unlocked issue is now easily accessible for you if you click on the app.