Cost to Develop an App like Ola or Uber

Traveling by shared or rental cab services has been the most convenient option for numerous travelers these days. The advanced technology is under great pressure to develop such high-quality apps that can help in serving the people. Cab booking apps can be one of those vertical where many such people can commute the in the city and around. If in case, similar apps like Ola or Uber needs to be created then let’s estimate how much time and money is required? How much investment should be done to get the maximum returns? What can be the least amount of money that can be invested to develop a fully functional taxi booking app. below; we have sorted some obvious support that may be needed to create such an application:

The design of these apps is not complicated. It is created in two segments which are as follows:

Driver App: The app that is controlled by a driver is having separate profiles with having the login and signup feature. This section will also include the feature to accept, request or cancel the ride. The app also informs the driver about their daily target, incentives, etc.

Passenger’s App: The app handled by passengers is having the feature of booking and canceling the rides, with an option to call the driver, location tracker and also the payment methods. For making the payment option easier, the application must have the easy app payments.

For developing these application segments, there are numerous aspects to take care so as it should not reach the indefinite cost estimate.
• App Designing: The designing of the application involves the stages like a logo, mockup design, graphic designing, and app prototyping which will enhance the look and feel of the application. The UI and UX of the app play a vital role in any app and it can also be said that this UI and UX decide the fate of the application.
Team: 1-2 App Designers
Time: 2-3 Weeks
Cost: 3000- 6000 USD

• API Development: Development of API in the application is a compulsory feature which helps in the interfacing of to and fro communication between the passenger and driver and also the people who are supervising it.
Team: 1 – 2 Developers
Time: 3 – 4 Weeks
Estimated Cost: 6000 – 10000 USD

iOS, Android or Web App Development: This point determines the platform you choose for app development and it greatly depends on the what features you want to include in your application.
Team: 1-2developer
Time: 3-4 weeks
Cost: 8000-15000 USD

List of some basic features that must be included in the taxi booking app:
• Payments:
Time: 20-25 hours, Cost: 1000-1500 USD
• In-app messaging and communication between passengers and drivers:
Time: 20-25 hours, Cost: 1000-1500 USD
• Location and Coverage:
Time: 40- 50 Hours, Cost: 2000-2500 USD
• Rating and Feedback:
Time: 10 – 15 Hours, Cost: 700 – 1200 USD

Wrapping up:
After the calculation and estimation, we can say that the development of the application as Ola or Uber will cost somewhere around 30,000-35,000 USD in a time frame of 45-60 days.

This above mentioned estimated cost depends on the type of platform and the preferences of the client. There are many such app development companies that provide such services were selecting the best ones will offer the business engagement models that offer both quality and affordable services.
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