Google Glass is developed by Google in the “Project Glass” research and development project. It is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. A wearable computer is a very comfortable computing device which is small and light enough to be worn on one’s body. It is represents information in a Smartphone – like hands-free layout that can communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands.

It is offers an augmented reality, experience by using visual, audio and location based inputs to improve relevant information. For example, upon entering an airport, a user could automatically receive flight status information. Users can also control the device manually through voice commands and a touchpad located on its frame.

The Google Glass operating system is based on version of Android, and it can apps called Glassware that are optimised for the device. The glasses have built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and a camera for taking photographs and videos.

Google X, Google’s futuristic technology lab, formally announced its work on Project Glass in 2012. The company made the device available to testers and developers in early 2013.


(1) Hand Free, Photo & Videos:
– One of the amazing feature of Google glass is the skill to take Photos and Videos just say ” ok glass , take” then the glass will take a picture of video automatically.

(2) Internet Search Results:
– You can search anything in internet through this project glass with the help of Wi-Fi internet connection.

(3) Easy Translation:
– This glass works like a amazing translator. Yes you can translate one language to another language by just asking. For example ask how to say “how are you” in Danish.

(4) Capture Quality Videos:
– Google Glass allows to capture quality videos (720 hd).

(5) Emails and Text Messages:
– You can send and receive e-mail and test messages with the help of Google glass by just voice commanding.

(6) Navigation App:
– The Navigation app used to find your way from anywhere with the help of Google Maps. This will helps in the travel for view distance, direction, and time consuming etc.

(7) Watch YouTube Videos:
– This is one of the cool feature of the Google project glass. You can watch YouTube videos in your free time.

(8) Virtual Reminder (Task):
– It is like a Virtual reminder, If you say “reminder me (something)” it will remind you the correct time.

(9) Chatting, Video Call:
– You can chat with anyone in online via text or video call with the help of Google glass.

Technical Specification:

– 640×360 display
– Android 4,04 and higher
– 5-megapixel camera, capable of 720p video recording
– 16GB storage, but 12 GB available
– Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
– Bluetooth
– 682MB RAM
– 3 axis gyroscope
– Bone conduction transducer
– Proximity sensor and Ambient light sensing
– 3 axis accelerometer and magnetormeter