Around Me – Place Finder


Around Me – Place Finder

Place Finder, Navigation & Weather App is a special kind of app that searches different types of places such as ATM, Hotels, Schools, Restaurants, Parking places, Doctors, etc near by your location. The app provides side by side navigation to the selected destination place and also provide the detail of that place. It is providing the detail weather information about the current place wherever you are.


• Very simple and easy to use
• You can select range to search the place near by your location
• Nearest places search result in List View
• Nearest places search result in Map View
• Provide turn by turn navigation from current location to the selected place. You can open up the native iOS Map for navigation.
• Select any category from the the list of categories, the app will provide the result. The result list will also show you the direction for each of the places with the distance in Km/miles.
• The app gives every possible details of the places on your phone when you select any specific place.
• It gives very accurate GPS location
• Provides weather details such as temperature, cloud coverage, humidity, rain, snow and wind direction along with the current weather condition.
• Share places with your friends

Places Category and Usage:

1. Airport
2. Amusement Park
3. Aquarium
4. Art Gallery
5. ATM
6. Bakery
7. Bank
8. Bar
9. Book Store
10. Bus Station
11. Cafe
12. Car Dealer
13. Car Rental
14. Car Repair
15. Casino
16. Church
17. City Hall
18. Dentist
19. Department Store
20. Doctor
21. Electrician
22. Electronics Store
23. Embassy
24. Finance
25. Fire Station
26. Gym
27. Hair Care
28. Hardware Store
29. Health Centre
30. Hospital
31. Insurance Agency
32. Jewellery Store
33. Laundry
34. Lawyer
35. Library
36. Local Government Office
37. Mosque
38. Movie Theatre
39. Museum
40. Night Club
41. Painter
42. Park
43. Parking
44. Plumber
45. Police Station
46. Post Office
47. Railway Station
48. Restaurant
49. School
50. Shopping Mall
51. Spa
52. Stadium
53. Subway Station
54. Taxi Stand
55. Travel Agency
56. University
57. Veterinary Care
58. Zoo

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