Smart GPS Speedometer

How fast are you going? With GPS Speedometer you can track real-time speed, miles per hour, location map & more. Also, set-top speed alarms. Download now & try it for FREE!

Displays current speed on a digital/analog speedometer and keeps track of your top speed and average speed. Speedometer also allows you to easily switch between units of measurement (mph or km/h) for use in your vehicle (your cycle, your car, on a boat, or on an airplane) and track your journey with live tracking on a map!


Below are the some of the major features inside the app, check it out for more information

Display Mode

Switch between KM/H and MPH modes for speed measurement. Landscape mode to display digital Speedometer in full screen

Speed Limit Alarm

Option to set speed limit and get notification alarm when you cross the predefined speed limit


Keeps track of traveled distance, average speed, and top speed. Store history of tracking data along with the real-time data display


Show weather conditions for the current place. Show sunrise and sunset time

App Screenshots