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Web development is an industry, but its expectations and requirements have transformed significantly. We ensure that you get robust and trendy designs and development through the best WordPress Development Services in India.

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WordPress Theme Integration

WordPress Theme Integration

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WordPress Plugin Development

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WordPress Customization

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WooCommerce Development

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WordPress with eCommerce

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Payment Gateway Integration

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The one reason that makes us so superior and unique compared to other businesses offering the same services is trust. The trust our clients have in us that once they have given us all the details of the services they need and the timeline, they don’t need to worry anymore whether the work will be completed in time or in the right quality.

The trust that we will develop your website honestly without leaving any malware or leak that could lead to devastating loss either to you or your customers.

The trust that we will offer you the best coding and web development services at the most honest prices because we understand how expensive it is to hire a programmer, yet we don’t want you to kill your dream just because you can’t afford to hire one.

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WordPress is by far the largest developer of all websites on the internet taking a portion of over 18% of all websites, and close to thirty-seven million websites being hosted on its free WordPress.com. The reason behind its popularity is that it is very easy to customize and code in, and it offers a very wide array of theme options to fit any kind of website design.

With WordPress, we will be able to design a website of your liking and taste ranging from simple private blogging websites, business websites, non-profit websites, auction websites, and coupon websites to online communities among many others. Even if the kind of website design you want has not been mentioned above, it’s not over yet. We have a pool of very skilled programmers and web designers who will ensure they match the final design of the website to your taste and likeness by designing the website from scratch.


Q. Open Source CMS Development

A. Open Source CMS Development are types of codes that have been developed by the open programming community and are always freely available in the internet for use and modification. The benefit of using these codes instead of developing new codes from scratch is they significantly reduce the cost of coding since only customization is required.


While you might be asking yourself how secure and bug-free these open source codes are, you should know that we always take care of that by ensuring that whatever code we decide to use is tried and tested for any malware hence ensuring your website is safe and secure.


The other question you might be asking is why you need us if you can freely acquire those codes on the internet. Well, the reason you need us is that our years of experience in coding websites and interacting with these open source codes have enabled us to easily and quickly determine which exact code best fits your application and requirements, and then customize it in such a way that it blends flawlessly with your website without slowing it down or affecting other functions.


Whether you want just a simple blog website, complicated ecommerce store or a business website, be assured we will get the best code out there that is bug-free and then seriously customize it to perfectly fit your needs.

Q. WordPress Migration

A. Whether you want to move your WordPress website from one hosting provider to another, push your local WordPress site to a live server or moving your website from a subdomain to a main directory, we are here to ensure that you do this carefully and efficiently in a way that does not in any way affect the performance or functionality of your website.

Q. Custom Plug-in Development

A. By developing fully functional plugins and seamlessly integrating them to your site through the WordPress Plugin Application Program Interface (API), we are always able to add unique features and functionalities to your website that are not provided by WordPress.

Q. Installation and Configuration

A. We also offer installation and configuration services by connecting it to the hosting provider and setting up the users and passwords for maximum security and guaranteed optimal performance.

Q. WordPress Web Development/ WordPress Responsive Web Development

A. When it comes to web development, we always do it step by step with our client in mind by involving him/her in every single part of the journey. We start by clearly understanding all the features, theme, colors, images, and icons that our client wants to be added to his/her website. We then edit and customize the website, add all the missing plugins and functionality until he/she is happy with how it looks and functions. We also ensure that all resizing, scrolling and panning for both phone and desktop are working perfectly before calling it a day.

Q. WordPress Theme/Template Development

A. We also do theme and template development for those clients who have a classic taste of a beautiful and unique theme that is not available on WordPress. Part of this involves our client choosing a theme on WordPress that meets the minimum taste of his/her preference, after which we develop further from this basing and craft all the features he/she wants. We do custom wordpress development company in ahmedabad India

Q. Support and Maintenance

A. To sum this all up, we offer support and maintenance services for our clients’ websites. For example, if some features stop functioning or the website response becomes slow, we tear it down, scrutinize it and get rid of all codes that might be slowing it down or those that maybe making it not function efficiently.

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