Our Development Process

Our Development Process

A Walkthrough our Integrated and Holistic Development Process

AppAspect relates to the entire case of development as a beast that needs to be handled based upon research and understanding. We prioritize flexibility and agility, since there are so many domains of development that actually exist. For this reason, our development capabilities have an abstract process that is central to our business objectives. This is our Development Process at large, and as you can see below, it follows through multiple stages wherein essential aspects of the entire process gets realized. The main reason for this page is for your effective understanding, as well as for the fact that conveying what will happen to your cause is essential.

Our Development Process

Visualizing Ideas

As you, the client, express your needs to us, our strategists review your entire request in a considerate and step-by-step fashion. AppAspect fully believes in projecting ideas that follow through according to multiple levels of specialization. It is the start of our immersion into the project.

  • Contact for Project
  • Putting Ideas into Actual Concepts
  • Considerate Research and Planning
  • Consolidation of Requirements & Estimates
  • Comprehensive and Holistic Analysis
  • Prototyping through Wireframes & Storyboards
  • Resource Plan Formulation
  • Platform & Structures Selection

Analyzing & Prototyping

Once the project gets approved, it’s essential for the pre-engineering stage where the analysis takes place in earnest. At this stage, AppAspect deals with multiple cases, including construction at the root-level, strategy for concepts, analysis in a comprehensive fashion, and all possible specifications that result in the creation of the resource plan. The case for prototyping, on the other hand, considers the specific platforms, structures or other elements essential for each and every aspect of the project.

User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Designing

The industry standards at present has signified designs as more consequential, as well as greater in scope than just the usual affair of aesthetics. All of it is projected towards making the results inimitably attractive, comprehensive, user-friendly and understanding to the widest extent.

  • Case Studies & Demographic Information
  • Acquiring relevant & latest knowledge about UI/UX
  • Actual Designing with multiple elements
  • Full Personalization through UX
  • Evaluation through Relevant Metrics
  • Full Understanding of the plan
  • Coding within a specified timeframe
  • Full Stack Development
  • Reviewing and Updated Routines

Development Stage

At AppAspect, the development stage refers to the actual coding that takes place, but the aid of other forms of tools and platforms greatly help to this end. The developers working for us take the charge of every single aspect of technology one by one, and it specifically seeks to answer the question of what the right choice would be. Through regular reviews and updates, the optimization of the entire code takes place.

Beta Testing & Code Correction

One of the most benchmarked ways AppAspect aims to achieve a state of full and consequential implementation is through Beta Testing. In this, the code gets translated and actuated into a ‘beta’ product of your result. Every single aspect of the same is then put through multiple testing phases under a number of environments & conditions. The result is then finalized accordingly.

  • Holistic Tests, both Manual & Automated
  • Elimination of Bugs & Inconsistencies
  • Actual Testing with users
  • Report Review
  • Making the Final Changes & Adjustments
  • Actual Release of Product
  • Full-Fledged Delivery with Information
  • Continued Maintenance & Support
  • Completion of the Project

Deployment & Delivery

This is the stage when your product is finally ready. Through multiple and varied systems of testing, AppAspect assures that you will get a great deal of assurance and higher standards than most. We then take the time for either deploying your product actually, or delivering them to you if you should want it.