Elite Staffed

Elite Staffed Mobile is a mobile and web-based direct staffing platform which allows employers to directly connect and hire temporary, event, and possibly permanent staff. While giving employees the freedom to select their own salary and schedule preference.

Employees looking to set and earn the salary they deserve, set their own schedule all while exploring a wide range of professional experience. The free Elite Staffed App is for you.


Below are the some of the major features inside the app, check it out for more information

Job Opportunities

The Job Opportunities feature in the app is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest job openings so you can easily apply.


The app allows you to bookmark your job features so you can easily find them later. Apply when you are ready for the job.

Post Jobs

This is a great feature for businesses that are looking to find new employees, as it allows them to reach a larger pool of potential candidates.

Manage Jobs

This feature allows you to view all of your current and past job applications, as well as create new ones. Also, track your jobs easily.

App Screenshots