Biometric Authentication For Convenience in Mobile Banking: What Banks Need to Know

Biometric Authentication For Convenience in Mobile Banking


In the era of technology, it is necessary for banks to give more protection to their customer with use of biometrics. Robberies of crores of rupees and signatures-frauds forced many commercial and government-owned banks to install biometric security and secure their further cash from being trapped. Biometrics is an Artificial Intelligence to measure physical characteristics to identify an individual; one of the famous technology which could be only imagined. This biometric property was filmized in sci-fi movies but now getting part in security. In India, the use of biometrics is in the initial stage but in other countries, it is used more.

Let us define the term “biometrics”: Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of a person’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics. In banks, it is – fingerprints and face detection.

Trends in the Biometric Landscape:

According to one of the great study, the global biometric authentication market is expected to grow significantly over the next five years and expected to reach about 50 billion $. These seem a lot of growth in modern banking. Here are some commercial banks who have quickly adopted biometric sensors on priority grounds viz. State Bank of India, Bank Of Baroda, ICICI Bank, HSBC and many more

Limitations of Pins and Failure of Password:

Many banks provide security to their customers about their passwords and PIN [Personal Identification Number] but at the end of the day, they are failed to do so. Mega-Companies like Google and Microsoft also started to serve the service of powerful and non-crackable security with the means of biometrics. The biometric security system is like a boon for such market managing companies.

Is it accessible?

Up to the year 2020, more than 90% business will bring into biometric authentication technology. In the banking industry, it is more useful. For that bank have to collect their customer’s fingerprints and develop their software and give protection at the time of making all their banking transaction. When customer use any technology for fund transfer bank have to verify their identity by using the biometric device.

Addressing User Needs With Biometric Authentication:

The customer at times possesses the fear of accessing the banking transaction. By use of the biometric technique, the bank can reduce their fear and encourage their customer to use mobile banking. Biometric Authentication plays a huge role in the growth period of mobile banking activities. The success of banking mobility will be measured by how well financial institutions select features that encourage mobile engagement and preserve trust through mobile app usability.


  • Biometric modalities appearing on consumer devices is challenging banks to keep pace with technology at the same rate as their customers, all while being mindful of accessibility.
  • It is essential for banking institutions to be aware of accessibility when considering offering biometric functionality to mobile users.