Google Cleans Play Store by Removing Bad Reviews and Apps

Google introduces a new anti-spam a system that helps it to finally remove bad and fake reviews from its Play Store. It is on a cleaning spree nowadays, as a lot of fake reviews and ratings are seen being posted. These tremendously affect the reputation as well as the rapport building. But this system will help it delete every fake review, ratings and bad apps posted through unethical means. This tech tycoon uses its new device to check the genuineness of every review that is posted, as it significantly noted millions of them gradually leading to their clearance from the Play Store.

Unethical practices such as inducement ratings, provocative comments lead to bloated average app ratings as well. In order to save its reputation, Google should remove fake ratings. At times, developers run campaigns often offering users money or valuable in-app purchases so that they would write everything nice about them in return.  This, however, has repercussions which are directed towards false praise and not a true opinion of the reviewer.

Google guarantees that this system undertakes the elimination of each and every event similar to that. It is able to recognize those as well as take appropriate action against them. To keep on continuing an authentic service, Google should remove fake reviews and apps. The new system also identifies reviews that are profane, are unrelated to the topic, and those which spread hatred. It is designed to observe a sudden increase or decrease in average app ratings.

Some of its highlighting features that would provide aid to the Play Store are as follows:

  • It managed to remove all bugs that were there in a very short time span.
  • Effortlessly eliminated all pretentious apps and ratings.
  • Searches authenticity whenever it finds a review.
  • Cleans up every false charge helping to build a good rapport.
  • Checks for quality assurance.

Google accurately points to the fact that it never requires to rely on machines to grab hold of pretentious developers, apps, and ratings. It noted that Google Play Trust and Safety teams organized a tool that involves both human and machine intelligence to detect and enforce policy violations in reviews. Play Store’s precision is kept under vigilance and improved accordingly.

Google, the tech giant, urges its followers not to fall prey to such incentivizing, reject in-app purchases, and avoid employing any demoralizing notions by writing them out on such a great platform. A team of knowledgeable and well-equipped engineers and analysts supervise this immensely active system. Reviewers are advised to stop fueling, report and mark spam any perverseness and give feedback via Play console.

In short, Google has done its job right.