Trends of iOT technology to be followed in 2018

IOT technology

The technology of IoT (Internet of Things) is related to our lives in every aspect from sensing your electricity utilization to the expiry of our food items in our refrigerators and it makes our lives as a sci-fi plot. This technology of it has totally changed our life and creates the entire world automated.

In 2018 work processes, cost containment, productivity improvement, and improved customer experience are the main sectors that will be taken care in a coming year. Talking About, IoT (Internet of Things) technology, the year 2018 will be an exciting one. There are many areas as healthcare, automobile, development of smart cities, asset management, will see more interesting projects to take off around the successfully around the world. As the world is realizing the value of IoT which can bring down the faster adoption of connected electronics and has pushed the IoT technology to create the business transformation as never before. Here are the few trends that will shape the IoT sector in 2018 are as follow:

Inter-operability with other technologies: IoT is working hand in hand with artificial intelligence machine learning and also the blockchain technologies with verticals as financial services, retail, and healthcare of the year. The partnership of artificial intelligence and IoT has been working towards privacy improvement, data and efficiency ownership for complex projects. IoT has become the project management framework in helping the project managers to understand and also to handle the projects that involve the data volumes which are flowing from various points.

Impact on customer relationship: Marketing based on a relationship is extensively influenced by the appearance of proximity beacons, sensors and also enhanced data capabilities. This will have bearing on how customer experience is delivered.

An increment in IoT recruitment: The demand for the skills as artificial intelligence, robotics, embedded electronics, solutions engineering and data scientist. This reflects that the areas of IoT have impacted many large industries. As per the study in the UK, found that 68% of organizations are finding hard to hire employees in IoT.

New Business Model: As per the efforts by the vendors and business owners realizes more value from IoT deployments, and new business models are also emerging this year.

The number of IoT platforms is assumed to grow in 2017. Consistently, the focus has been shifted to deliver more value by integrating the applications analytical engines and generating more productivity for the need of organizations. The trend for 2018 in IoT technology is to pick the momentum in 2018 as well as the demands to grow in near future.