Whole planet on its toes as Coronavirus has knocked the door of almost every country worldwide. This is the most crucial time for everyone may it be industries, manufacturing units, health, software’s and all other businesses round the globe. There are many such businesses that got shut or some are just surviving but on the other hand some are rising to the success. For some businesses, this pandemic phase has brought a new ray of hope; one of them is online education app development.

In this pandemic phase, when children are not allowed to go to school, teachers have adopted the digital mode for imparting education to their kids. As per the data, the education is the second most demanding sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. The education apps will remain on rise also when the lockdown or pandemic ends. The trend of imparting education has changed in many ways due to this Coronavirus pandemic.

Online Classes

With the help of mobile application, teacher can create the room of particular class and share the code with the class for joining the room. After that both teacher and students can join the same room and teacher can take class and resume their studies. Therefore, learning never stops and is also it has been predicted to be the most effective way of learning during corona pandemic.

Performance Reports

With the help of these online classes’ students, teachers and parents can keep track of student’s performance with their daily report. These daily reports is the inclusion of attendance, online assignments, performance in tests, syllabus related quiz and also the remarks for improvement.

Online Homework

When learning has no boundaries, then there has to be homework and assignments. With these education apps, teachers can give assignments to them online. The teachers can give the remarks to the students online and they can also instruct the students to resubmit the same online.

Video Tutorials

During this lockdown session, the learning has got pause initially. But it will not remain the same as it was; teachers took initiatives and started an open forum for sharing the video tutorials to the students. This way the students can easily learn sitting anywhere. They can continue their studies without any hindrance through video tutoring through mobile app education.

Raising and Solving Queries

With the rise in online education apps, students can query about any doubt of any subject that the teacher is teaching. The mentors can clear their doubts through app and also they can also keep the studies continue. It’s quite natural that students will be having the queries through this feature, and teacher can guide them in right directly.

Group Chat

In any education app the group chats is also imbedded with which the students, teachers and parents stay connected. The communication between the mentors, teachers and students becomes very smooth and group chat feature comes with group chat feature in all education app. Parents can have the query and can share the concerns about the school, homework, attendance, holidays and many other things. Teachers can make the announcements in the group which can be flashed in the app itself regarding homework or assignments.

Is it the good time for Educational App development?

At the time of crisis, the mobile app development companies have enough to do as these apps have to create special place the people’s finger tips and life. These mobile apps have made people addictive in using them. So even after the pandemic gets over and coronavirus goes away the usage of apps will continue. Ultimately, this means that it’s a good time for the development of education app. For any education apps the demands of the apps are rising and will continue to rise even when the days will get normal.

The digital way of imparting education has proved to be very much useful. This category of app development has been in higher in demand and is also having great chance of generating amazing revenues. Maximum of us, has heard the proverb, ‘Hit the iron, when it’s hot”, this proverb suits the best with Education app during this crisis.

In a Nutshell

Don’t take time in over thinking. Become an opportunist and look for the best mobile app development company and start your own education app. As you have seen above that it has numerous benefits and also the revenue forecast is also quite positive. All is needed is to pick the platform and theme and the most important app development company to get your education app developed.

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