The 9 essentials

Mobile apps have basically changed the entire lifestyle approach pursued by people all across the world. It’s a cultural shift that cannot be ignored by players who want to provide some kind of service or product, and halting them altogether is nigh impossible. Dating apps have become virally popular since the explosion of popularity of Tinder, which has since set the bar of what people can expect. Of course, you’d not want to replicate the app in question fully, but there are some features that have become quite essential in every way. These are discussed forthwith as they hold a great potential whether your own dating app succeeds or not.

Easy and Cross-platform Signup/Login

Access to apps can be a major factor in any user’s overall commitment. You’d want your user to be able to create profile, or log in to your account in the easiest way possible. The smooth and quick process of authentication, however, should allow for legitimate information being supplied. This can be done if you integrate cross-platform sign-in/login options where the user would not need to fill all of their information- only the ones that are necessary to operate the app, preferably from such social accounts Google or Facebook.

User Profile

If your app does not support the spontaneous and changeable user profile, then people might not better use it at all. The entire personal information update and saved feature should be encapsulated by the profile, and it may consist of some details, but not too much. That way there couldn’t be any doubt with regards that personalized use would be best ensured.

Location-based suggestions

Many claim that Tinder’s location-based matching algorithm was game changing. And, if you want your users to actually connect and spontaneously meet, this might be the best option above everything else. It will inimitably facilitate the continued use of the app by the user(s) to continue their use.

Filtered Search

Suppose that your user might want to find an acquaintance or a person they’ve met only once. It’s in the best interest that you allow them to facilitate and establish connection in a manual way. But, that needs to be exact as well as simple, which is essentially facilitated by the filters over some information criteria.

Calendar or Date/Time Integration

It’s pretty apparent that date/time is a major factor for any user who may want to go over all of their activities. There is a great advantage in a dating app in the way of marking when the date with a person should occur. With the calendar there couldn’t be any doubt left, and management can be done easily by any user.

Chatting in addition to Live Video

Some people are just not satisfied with talking just typing messages to one another. Sure, as a formality, they may serve as effective conversation starters. But, to interact with one’s own voices and ears with the face of the person you’re interested can increase engagement infinitely.

Access available even when offline

This particular option is consequently being made available all across the board, and for good reason. Private reasons may compel the user to check the app out even when they might not have any internet connection, and availability of essential information can help your cause.

Blocking Users

Dating apps can easily become a site of innumerable issues, in which cases, facilitating a powerful feature upon every user can prove to be greatly effective. Such is the case with the ‘block’ feature, which when applied in the case of a user, the said user cannot contact with the one who has blocked until that person lifts the block.

Real-time Notifications and Alerts

Personalizing experience of the user can allow for the use to extend in a really differentiable way. It’s especially true in the case for facilitating notifications and alerts in real time, which can happen due to a fair number of reasons. But, in every way, your app use will increase greatly with the integration of such a feature.

Making a dating app yourself may certainly involve some kind of idea or insight you may consider unique. But, no matter how much innovation you put in, these features are the most essential, and can be the factor that finally determines whether your app is actually of value or not.