Integration of mobile Apps with IOT solutions

Integration of mobile Apps with IOT solutions

Nowadays, we are listening to a common term that is IOT ( Internet Of Things). Internet of things introduces a network of sensors, instruments, and other devices connected. Sensors collect data and transmit it to the cloud, which can be accessed through a smartphone app. It also provides data acquisition, enabling us to execute data analysis to predict outcomes and make the decision accordingly. This has the potential for increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the manufacturing process.

The significant advantage of an IoT system is the accessibility of information at your fingertips. A mobile phone is an efficient tool that can benefit IoT solutions, and mobile apps have revolutionized the IoT industry. Due to these apps’ user-friendly interface, the operator can easily control a plant without having a deep understanding of the system. IoT solutions are finding their way in healthcare, agriculture, retail, and much more because of these convenient features. 

In this new technological world, IoT is getting integrated with the mobile application. However, few mobile app development companies in India support IoT interaction with a mobile application, and we are one of them. Let us see what the benefits of integrating IoT with mobile apps are.

  • Monitor overall business: With the complete information about every manufacturing plant’s inventory and production on your mobile phone, it let you know about your business anytime.
  • Improve customer’s experience: IoT lets you understand what customers want and gives you deep insight into customer behaviour. By using Beacon technology, you can achieve these goals and enhance customer behaviour and boost your business.
  • Increase in productivity: IoT increases the overall effectiveness and productivity of both the people and the business. When devices are connected and communicate over the Internet, you can seek real-time help and ensure immediate availability.
  • Reduction in costs: IoT provides you with an insight into your business resolutions in real-time, which affect not only the production but also your decision-making abilities. It allows you to make insightful and vital decisions, thus decreasing the cost.
  • Generate more revenue: These tools give you every bit of data about your business at your fingertip and let you decide what’s good for your business and plans, respectively, which ultimately adds to your revenue.

Applications of integrating IoT with mobile application

Being the best mobile app development company in India, we use IoT in our applications. Let us see some mobile apps which are leveraging the Internet of Things.

Wearables devices

Wearables are an essential part of IoT solutions. By using a Bluetooth connection, wearables like wristwatches can connect to smartphones. These devices can give you updates and analytics regarding your daily activities like travelling or walking, heart rate and body temperature, etc.

ShotTracker, a basketball app, consists of a wristband with a sensor that records data about the shots made by a player. This data is examined in the mobile app and can be used to follow the performance.

Healthcare IoT devices

Medical devices and sensors are combined to the patient to get data given to the mobile app. It can significantly decrease the chances of an emergency. This data is transferred to the doctor or family members to keep an eye on the patient’s condition.

According to, the health IoT application development is exacted to reach $117 billion by 2020. Healthcare IoT involves devices like patient monitoring systems, heart monitoring, etc.

Agriculture IoT Apps

The world’s population is supposed to hit 9 billion by 2050. This fast population growth requires a more extensive food supply which requires efficient ways of agriculture. IoT-based sensible farming is employed to field crops under continuous observation with sensors like temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and nutrient. With these sensors, farmers can monitor the farm conditions using their mobile devices and decide on watering, pesticide or fertilizer requirement based on these analytics. This way, efficient farming can be realized.

IoT solutions are being applied in agriculture involves; precision farming, livestock monitoring, and intelligent greenhouse.

Industrial Plant monitoring

The manufacturing process in an automated requires a maximum environment to work at its peak efficiency. This needs real-time monitoring of temperature, moisture, and pressure level. The sensor that monitors these conditions can be achieved using IoT. This helps monitor a plant remotely as a computer program constantly monitors data from these sensors. The threshold value can be set for an alert situation. When a plant reaches these predetermined values, an alert notification is generated on the mobile app, which professionals can handle.

It also gives historical data that can be processed by machine learning algorithms for efficient predictions and helps effectively use the resources.

Besides these applications, IoT integrated with mobile phone apps has a broad range of applications from industrial to commercial and domestic. Its uses are only reliant on developers on how they want to address a critical issue.

Final Word: 

The IoT integration with the mobile application has given a new way to the world. If you want to know more about this, you can contact us as we are the best android application development company to help you with all your doubts. Also, we will help you with mobile application development using IoT.