GITEX Global Event 2023

GITEX Global Event 2023

Where the World’s Best Technologies and Innovations Will be Showcased | GITEX Global Event 2023

GITEX Global 2023 is here, ready to amaze the world, just like before, with new inventions and innovations. An event where developers, coders, innovators, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders come together to discuss and explore new advancements in the digital realm.

The GITEX 2023 Event (a Middle East technology showcase) will be held from the 16th to 20th of October at the Dubai World Trade Centre and from 15th to 18th October at the Dubai Harbour. The event to be held on Monday (16th October will be held between 11 AM to 5 PM) and the timings for other days is 10 AM to 5 PM. Similarly, the event to be held at Dubai Harbour on Sunday has timings between 11 AM to 6 PM, and for the other days, it’s 10 AM to 6 PM.

Where technologies related to 5G, Future Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Cities will be discussed, visitors can also attend the GITEX Awards to celebrate the key disruptors of the industry. Let’s get into the details of the GITEX 2023 event.

GITEX Global Event 2023

The GITEX GLOBAL event represents a congregation of the world’s most innovative organizations, startups, and enterprises, along with the best minds to elevate business, economy, society, and culture.

At the event, the attendees can explore a wide range of exhibits, conferences, and workshops. These co-located shows are based on the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, mobility, sustainable tech, and more.

This year, the major co-located shows and conferences include;

  • AI Everything: Artificial Intelligence, being one of the emerging technologies, will be at the center of GITEX 2023. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) at GITEX co-located show will focus on the latest trends and developments in artificial intelligence. Through this, the attendees will learn how AI is transforming businesses and industries around the world.
  • GITEX Impact: The GITEX Impact will also be held within GITEX 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Center. The focus of this show will be sustainable technology and innovation. Here, attendees will find feature exhibits and workshops by companies working on technologies that will address the world’s most pressing challenges, such as climate change, energy, and healthcare.
  • Expand North Star: Slated to be held at Dubai Harbour, Expand North Star is a new addition to the list of co-located shows at GITEX. This show will focus on startups and investors. Here, startups and small businesses will get to explore a variety of networking and pitching opportunities.

GITEX 2023 is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the latest technologies and trends. It is a great opportunity to learn about the latest innovations, network with other professionals, and explore new business opportunities.

Themes at the Global GITEX Event 2023

Themes at the Global GITEX Event 2023

At the event, attendees can check out workshops, co-located shows, conferences, and meetings on different themes.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is considered as one of the most transformative technologies today; it is used to develop new products and services, improve efficiency, and automate tasks. The GITEX 2023 will showcase the latest AI innovations from around the world.

    Attend certified workshops, conferences, and networking sessions. Some of the AI speakers include Dr. Luc Julia, Moti Levy, and Dr. Prag Sharme.
  • Telecoms: As the telecommunications industry is growing at a rapid pace, new technologies like 5G and 6G are taking center stage. At the GITEX event, attendees will get deeper insights into the latest trends and developments in the telecoms industry, specifically catering to 5G and 6G. Some of the trends that will be discussed include the future of intelligent connectivity, cloud-native networks, blockchain telecoms, etc.

    The industry leaders presenting at this event include Mathew Oommen, Rika Nakazawa, and Mikkel Vinter, among others.
  • Cybersecurity: The GITEX 2023 will highlight the latest cybersecurity threats and solutions. At the GITEX Cyber Valley, attendees will see how cybersecurity companies are using this technology to protect data and networking systems. Moreover, there are chances of participating in the GITEX hackathon by Alibaba Cloud and Islamic Con.

    Notable speakers from the Cybersecurity world attending the event include Dimitri Van Zantvliet, Chi Tran, and Saad El Khadiri.
  • Future Mobility: At GITEX, attendees will become part of the largest future mobility event in the Middle East. Companies working as mobility innovators, investors, and industry leaders will be present to discuss and share new technologies, including, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles emerging. Among the discussion topics are AI, Metaverse, and Cars; Future Car Designs with AI, and EV Lifecycle Management.

    Among the attending industry leaders are Maki Kaplinsky, Frank Stephenson, and Mark Loughron.
  • Metaverse: The evolution of Metaverse and Web 3.0 is among the significant trends and technologies being discussed at GITEX 2023. To discuss and share information about the virtual world, attendees can participate in workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speeches. The speeches and panel discussions will see the attendance of Kate Swanborg, Christian Glessner, and Nova Lorraine, among others.
  • Sustainability: The GITEX Event 2023 will host the region’s largest climate technology and ESG forum. Where sustainability is among the major challenges we are facing today, the GITEX 2023 will include all the latest technologies used to address sustainability challenges and changes. GITEX Impact, a one-of-a-kind forum on sustainability, will demonstrate transformative solutions for climate change, ESG investing, sustainable finance, and public-private collaborations.

    Attendees will hear and understand more about the same from industry leaders and innovators, including Dexter Galvin, Katja Busch, and Priscilla Chomba Kinywa.

How to Attend?

To attend the event, visitors can buy one of the two types of passes;

  1. GITEX Global+ Visitor Pass costs AED 500, but the prices are dropped to AED 435 until October 15th, 2023.
  2. Expand North Star+ Visitor Pass costing AED, but it’s available for free at present with early registration.
  3. The All Access Conference Pass costs AED 4000 and will give access to 20 conferences, technical workshops, and nine exhibitions across 41 halls.
  4. The Premium Pass, costing AED 10000, gives access to facilitated meetings, network events, CISO Lounge, and SuperBridge Summit, along with All Access Conference Pass benefits.
  5. Lastly, there is the Expand North Star+ Conference Pass, which gives access to conferences in Blockchain, Fintech, and Marketing.


For companies and organizations working across the globe, the GITEX 2023 Event will become the centre stage from where they can showcase their innovations to the world. Composed of companies from the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and other countries worldwide, the event will cover 26 sectors under two roofs.

GITEX 2023 presents a unique platform that will showcase the latest innovations, services, technologies, and products related to a wide range of technologies. The event will host speaker lineups from industry leaders, CEOs, COOs, technology experts, and startup founders.

You can visit the official website of GITEX 2023 to know more about the event and book your passes as well.