Explore Apple’s New iPhone Lineup Following its 2023 Wonderlust Launch Event

Explore Apple’s New iPhone Lineup Following its 2023 Wonderlust Launch Event

iPhone product launch events are among some of the most hyped events people wait to experience every year. Wonderlust, as the 2023 event is called, unveiled a new lineup of iPhone 15 models, new Apple Watch models, and additions to the AirPods Pro. It is in these events that we get to know what innovations Apple has made to their iconic iPhone. 

Mostly after these events, the pre-order number of newly launched iPhones goes up. The iPhone 15 Pro Max pre-order sales were out in less than an hour. This has caused a waiting period of 2 to 3 weeks for the next iPhones of this configuration to come out. This has happened shortly after pre-ordering for the new iPhone began. 
Let’s go through all the product launches and additions to the iPhone itinerary after the latest Apple event.

Wonderlust – A Huge Leap Forward

As claimed by Apple, the new series of iPhones represents new design, additional features like dynamic island, a better camera with a 48MP version, and a USB-C port for all new iPhones. Let’s take a closer look at each new device launched and what’s new in these devices for the customers.

  • iPhone 15
    The iOS 17-powered iPhone 15 is the first model in the series of four, featuring a screen size of 6.1”. The new model comes with an A16 Bionic Chip with a 6-Core CPU boasting 2 performance and 4 efficiency cores.

    A 48MP main camera is further loaded with features like sensor-shift optical image stabilization and 100% Focus Pixels.
  • iPhone 15 Plus
    With a screen size of 6.7”, the iPhone 15 Plus also has an A16 Bionic Chip, a 6-Core CPU, and a 5-core GPU. The camera enhancements on this model are the same as those on the iPhone 15.

    In addition to the features mentioned above, the new iPhone’s camera has a digital zoom up to 10X, Auto Image Stabilization, Advanced red-eye correction, and much more.
  • iPhone 15 Pro
    The iPhone 15 Pro is represented as a new leap forward by the company where it has been shown to deliver groundbreaking performance.

    Built with a Titanium body, this iPhone is powered by an A17 Pro chip, which gives the tag of the “best game console ever.” The A17 Chip features a 6-Core GPU performance assembly, making it 20% faster.

    On the other hand, the performance is also improved with 6 Core CPU, making the iPhone 15 Pro the fastest mobile CPU. Available in four storage variants, the new iPhone 15 Pro will also have a 1TB version.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max
    The ultimate machine in this series, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has the best display technology and incredible 5G connectivity with 5G-NR, FDD-LTE, and TD-LTE variants.

    The camera on this model has the largest optical zoom of up to 5X. Plus, this model has the longest claimed battery life of 29 hours during video playback, which is an amazing feat that Apple has covered.
  • Apple Watch Series 9
    The new watch series has one of the strongest chips, the S9 SiP, which is faster and better than the one launched in 2020.

    The new watch is powered by a dual-core CPU, making it 60% faster than its predecessor S8 chip. You will get a better way of controlling the watch with gestures, and the brightness of this small wondrous machine is also 2X the previous one.

Notable Changes in the Software and Hardware After Wonderlust:

Notable Changes in the Software and Hardware After Wonderlust

Apple claims to bring in several new developments in the iPhone 15 and other devices at the launch event. Let’s take a look at the most notable developments done by Apple.

1. Super Retina XDR Display: These displays have an extremely high dynamic range, having a pixel density of 460 ppi. 

This display technology offers ultra-high brightness, wide color support, and an impeccable level of color accuracy. 
This is added with ProMotion Pro display, which makes animations of the video more smoother, helpful in seamless gaming experience.

2. Advanced Camera System: The iPhone 15 and iPhone Plus series features some incredible developments in the camera. 

The quad-pixel sensor-laden 48MP camera is great for taking photos and shooting videos in bright to low-light environments. 

The Depth control feature lets you shift the image focus from person A to another person in the photo after it is taken. 
The main camera is even more advanced and powerful in the iPhone 15 Pro models. The sensor and camera size is larger in the iPhone 15, and the hands-on impressions of using this camera with the pro features is going to be incredible. Especially for professional photographers, the new iPhone has a lot to offer.

3. A16 Bionic Chip: First introduced in iPhone 14 Pro, this chip has a 16-core Neural engine that handles all the computationally complex tasks like live voicemail transcription.

Compared to the A15 bionic chip, the A16 has 50% more memory bandwidth. The 6-Core CPU is not only more powerful, but it also uses 20% less power.

4. A17 Pro Chip: The A17 is the industry’s first three-nanometer bionic chip powering an iPhone. It features design and structural improvements in the CPU and GPU section, improving the efficiency core and performance core. 

The performance core is now the fastest mobile CPU, and the neural engine in this chip is also twice as fast. The A17 Pro chip is dedicated to power the advanced features of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Given the specifications of these phones, such a powerful chip is essential to run the phone smoothly. 
The A17 Chip comes with a new GPU architecture featuring a 6-Core GPU design, giving 20% faster performance. All these features make the new iPhone 15 better at gaming, streaming, and efficiently completing all tasks.

5. Audio Quality: The new machine learning enabled audio transmission prioritizes the users voice automatically. It is added with a voice isolation feature to filter out all the background noise making your voice clearer and loud.

6. SOS Assistance via Satellite: In areas where there is no cellular service, the users can now use their new iPhone 15 feature to call for roadside assistance through satellite.

7. USB-C Port in iPhone: The globally accepted standard USB-C port is coming to all the new iPhone models. It will also be added to the new models of Mac, iPad, and iPod Pro (Second Generation).

8. New Action Button: The orientation of the Silent switch has been changed in the iPhone 15 Pro model. While it does have the default silent switch capability, you can also set custom actions to the button. The required function can be chosen from a default array of actions.

With all these new additions and features announced at the Wonderlust event, Apple is preparing to deliver the best user experience within the Apple ecosystem

From forwarding their sustainability efforts by creating chips that consume less power to delivering better upgrades every year, Apple is setting the bar high for its competitors. 

Taking the price into consideration, we found that the price tag of the new iPhone 15 is at par with the prices of previous iPhones at the time of launch. 

So, taking this into account, the new iPhone 15 comes jam-packed with new features, but the price quotient remains the same as the previous models. This implies that you can get a better deal of this iPhone.


Apple cultists wait all year to find what they will get in the new iPhone and rush to buy them from the store. 

Irrespective of their fondness of the mobile, the new iPhone models are touted to be better, more powerful, and ready to perform. 
Where the iPhone is never behind in creating an industry impact, time will tell how the new iPhone will come across to the public.